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hi guys

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im at skool. this is my first blog ever!!!! my mates han iz here wanna tlk 2 u.
Han: hi guys at boring skool. i hant got a blog yet but i will sun. how r u??? tara goin my ouse 2nite see ya sun bye bye
Goin drama 4 the first time 2nite!!! cant wait!!! gotta go now teachers rules!! tara

6 responses to “hi guys”

  1. jesse says:

    hi tara can’t wait to cum yr house in the 6 weeks hoils its guna be so muh fun meet me at the out door classroom on the 22 of may to chat

    c ya
    p.s hop u hd gd time ar drama

  2. tara says:

    i did have a gd time at drama thks. neither can i!!! c u 2morrow. Hi guys its my best friends birthday 2morrow. gotta go now please leave a msg thanks bye bye 4 now

  3. vicci says:

    i hope you had a good time!

  4. PaulyDad says:

    Helloooooooooooooooo Tara babe!
    I made it onto your blog at last.
    It looks like a cool place. And other people (like your mates and me!) can add to it.
    Enjoy yourself babe.
    Love Dad.

  5. hi tara i so happy that ya dad left a commet thats dead nice i wish my dad would do sum in like that your vry lucky luv from ya bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bm bbmbmb bm bm bm bmb mb bm bm bm bm bm bm

  6. Vicci says:

    hiya hannah dtill hasnt got her blog has she!lol.